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slate and tile roofing?
Slate is a durable material that has been used to build roofs for hubderds of years. Tiles have not been around for quite as long. But offers the same level of quility protection. They have been created with similar properties that make them almost as hardwearing and long-lasting.

These are produced from either concrete or clay, and are more suited to modern houses, as they are available in an array of styles and colours. It comes in three varieties like natural, artificial and zinc and offers an authentic and beautiful roofing solution, especially for traditional-style homes.

Both of these are popular options for roofing today. And there are plenty of fantastic reasons why: Did you know that slate roofs can last up to 150 years, and a tile roof can last for 50 to 70
The durability means that despite requiring a slightly larger initial investment, a slate or tile roof will always prove greater value in the long term.

Slate is mainly grey in colour but available in a variety of shades, textures and patterns, while tiles comes in a wide range of designs and colours. We also offer several different fixing methods for each, to suit any roof.
Protection for you and our environment.

Not only is slate and tile roofing one of the most fire-resistant options that exists, but it also has environmental benefits. In fact, natural slate creates the lowest environmental impact and carbon footprint of all roofing materials.

To give you plenty of choice, we offer a wide variety of slate and tile roofing options, installed by our dedicated team.

Flexibility Whatever your type of roof, whatever your style and whatever your budget, we are able to source the most appropriate slate, tiles and fittings to meet your requirements.

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